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This is a creation of the food guy. Alex Larson is a 1982 graduate of the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco. In matter of fact he is their top scoring graduate ever up to this day. Sandrinos was a 31/2 star ristorante and bar with many awards. Alex decided he wanted to created an unusual but tasty sparkling wine that would go well with cake especially wedding and birthday cakes. The delicate nutty flavor in the efferfescent bubbly has just the right combination to make an event a REAL PARTY. This Sparkling Wine Champagne is also used to make the famous BABYMAKER in our tasting room. Fill a champagne glass with 7/8 almond champagne then top with a dash of Rapazzini Apribella and a quick splash of Raspberry Delight. Taste it and youll know why there are a lot of kids born 9 months after this is poured.

Almond Sparkling Wine Champagne Rapazzini Winery
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12 Bottles of Almond Champagne